Manda Jones: Author Publishing Consultant and Literary Liaison


Could you use a free guide the literary realm? Someone to help you understand what the next step is

and how you can achieve that, what professional you need to bring in? Manda of Manda & Friends is

your woman and here's why….

When Manda & Friends decided to go into the literary business, they started with a simple blog. That was

their BIG idea. A blog that could tell a terrifying story and extend that right to every human that

wants to #claimbrave and tell their story like she had. It was a very freeing experience for her and her hope was that it would be for others, too. 

Evolving to feature guest blogs, more and more people wanted to write their truth.

She turned her experience into a book and wanted to help others do the same. Taking the time to research and find the professionals needed to share her story, Manda realized that maybe, just maybe, if indie authors and aspiring authors had a Literary Liaison as a free guide to the literary world, success may be easier to claim.

An idea was born. Manda & Friends is here to find you editors, illustrators, writing coaches, publicists, designers, event planners, social media managers, web designers, book trailer designers, ghost writers, freelance writers, content writers, agents, branding and business consultants…. you get the idea.

They want you to succeed.

What We Do