We'll connect you to the people you need

because we're connected


Manda & Friends is a young company and on their path to success. 

Their wide network of professionals has allowed them to make meaningful connections in a way that benefits both parties, helping you achieve your goals. And the best part? You're never charged for that introduction. 

Taking the guesswork, research and hours out of the mix, you'll be able to focus on exactly what you need and rest assured your story is in good hands once you decide to move forward with the professions you've been introduced to. All parties in the network are vetted by Manda, herself.

In just minutes, you're on your way.  

If you have any questions please contact Manda or call her at 720.471.2580

Wishing you all the best and success!

Manda Jones & Jason Barnhart  

Jason Barnhart – Owner & CFO of Manda & Friends LLC

Manda Jones – Owner & Literary Liaison at Manda & Friends LLC



Let us help you

We are here to guide you through the process of self-publication. It seems overwhelming and that is why it is key to have to right experts surrounding you for optimal success. We have an amazing team of small businesses that are ready to assist you and help you make your dreams come true.

We are here to help you succeed! Been down the rabbit hole with a publisher? Have a manuscript and not sure what the next steps are? Poetry, fantasy, comic book, non-fiction, short story, or an entire book! We have the resources you need to stand out in the crowd and self-publish your masterpiece!

Manda & Friends offers several options. However, we do require you use our professional editor. We want your work to be as marketable as possible and our Editor Paulette is an expert in doing so.

If you chose to connect with our other professionals; which I highly recommend for your success, then Manda & Friends stands ready to get you those connections.

To discuss self-publishing today in paperback and e-book please contact Manda to set up a free consultation so we can design a game plan that will be most beneficial for you! 

  • Free 30 minute consultation with Manda
  • Introduction to Copy Editor (required to use our Professional Copy Editor) 
  • Affiliate Post
  • Button linked to your book on affiliate page
  • Logo on apparel and marketing materials
  • Fast publishing on Amazon
  • Discounted rates through our retained Publicist; https://www.jenseeleypublicity.com/
  • Introduction to our Business Consultant: https://sharereason.com/

Human to Human

WE need a voice. By WE I mean all of us. 

What's your story?