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power of principled inclusion

It is only through understanding ourselves and embracing the world in which we live that we have any hope of meeting and overcoming the challenges that we face. ~ Michael Sawaya

Michael Sawaya is a name recognized by locals across the Colorado Front Range. Michael Sawaya is known throughout Colorado as a successful trial lawyer. However, what many people might not realize is that he is also an author. Sawaya is devoted to sharing his beliefs about challenging the way that society presents itself globally and focuses on the power of positivity, integrity, and inclusion. These are core values that he holds dear.

Michaels Sawaya’s second book, The Power of Principled Inclusion, was released in early 2020 and is currently available through various booksellers online.

The book is interactive, prompting readers to conduct an inner search for the principles and values that give meaning and expression to their lives. Each chapter addresses a specific topic such as mindfulness, awareness, integrity, and commitment and is followed by a workbook. The intention is to give readers the space to ponder the subject matter and write down their thoughts and reactions to the concepts and processes contained within each chapter.

In his newest book, Sawaya presents inclusion as an idea that is necessary for individual growth and for the health and vitality of social groups. He explores the current human existential crises with

encouragement to readers to find the methods and the motivation to fully engage in finding inclusive and winning solutions to problems faced by all of us.

As stated in the Author’s Note, In this world each person will be encouraged to be powerful in their own sphere. People will be invited to bring their powerful selves to the interaction with others, emphasizing inclusivity and rejecting old notions that exclusivity is preferred.

What does Sawaya hope that readers will take away from the book? His hope is that readers will find a basis for seeking their own internal congruence and integrity. With these pieces in place, his wish is that individuals will confidently interact with their community and feel comfortable in developing their own principles that allow them to successfully confront their inner and outer world, with everyone and everything in life.

Sawaya notes, “What a different world we are going to have when people are taught universally to be true to themselves and operate from integrity with an understanding that each person is unique in his or her complexities.”

The Power of Principled Inclusion © Michael G. Sawaya, 2020

ISBN: 978-0-578-59790-4

Available on: Amazon.com and MandaFriends.com.

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